Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ten Miles West Of Lompoc

Note: If the embedded Picasa slideshow doesn't work, hopefully you can see the pics over on google photos here: Surf Beach CA

Or if that link doesn't work, you can try this:

If none of those work, well, you may be out of luck. :-(


Choo choo Parm said...

The slideshow worked for me just fine. That has to be the finest train platform pretty much anywhere. I rode the road from San Diego to Las Angeles and didn't experience anything quite that cool.

Was the TSG entourage actually riding the train, or just hanging out catching the vibe?

yawndave said...

No trains were ridden in the making of this blogpost. Surf Beach has been on the "I need to go there" list for years if only for being at the end of the road sorta way out in the boonies. Kind of a road trip bucket-list item checked off the list. As indicated by the signs, the beach itself leaves something to be desired fun-wise. Besides being a shark habitat, there's only about a half-mile of sand open to the public, there are stern no-trespassing warnings just a short ways north and south of the station.