Saturday, June 11, 2016

Things You Might See In Pershing County

Thunder Mountain Monument 
 Imlay NV

We passed by this spot several years of those "oops, missed the exit, maybe next time" moments. (easy enough on the 500-mile trek between Reno and SLC)

The "restoration" seems more like benign neglect--the buildings are all fenced off--but we appreciate the effort.  


"Ugh" Parm said...

Wow. Talk about a TSG-ready roadside attraction.

I guess I am left with a very fundamental question; how is that stuff somehow a Historical Indian Monument? I can see "Indian," though, there are some rather odd takes there on what "Indian" might mean. And, if I get very relaxed about the whole thing, I can see "Monument," too. But "Historical?"

Putting all of that aside, quite the amazing little project.

yawndave said...

I suppose the "Historical" moniker is Nevada's way of assigning the location some form of protected status. Most people would probably question the need for protecting a "junkyard" like this, but these are the places road trippers live for, and I heartily endorse any effort to keep the bulldozers away.