Monday, June 27, 2016

Drake's Beach Light and Shadow Show

No special effects were used in the filming of these clips...although we wish there was some way to get rid of those horrible spots on the camera lens! 


Parm said...

That's cool. Are those shadows from the clouds? The clouds seemed slow moving in the sky while those shadows are very fleeting, hence the question.

Have to say, I found myself involuntarily squinting into the surf to see if I could spot Compan wandering up to shore. Probably the spacey music as much as anything that put that thought in my head.

The top part of the Statue of Liberty poking up from the sand would not have been unexpected, either.

Elaine Linton said...

Love this!

W. "Beachcomber" Biscuit said...

Re: clouds/shadows--there was a heavy overcast that was just starting to clear up when I got down there. The overcast seemed to be breaking up into scattered clouds right on the edge of the bluff tops--so the amount of shadow and sunlight varied with the changing consistency of the overcast/cloud combination as it blew out into Drake's Bay. It really was a sight to behold, and the wind-blown sand added its own visual effect.

One aspect of the scene that I wasn't able to capture (ran out of battery) was how some of the big waves started their break down at the far end of the beach and the break/curl moved laterally all the way across to the other end--a good mile at least. If there had been any surfers there it would've made for one helluva long ride. Very, very cool.