Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Which Is Cooler?

Title says it all. Choose the cooler of these two items. Use your own definition of cool. Vote early, vote often! 

Choice One: This cool Montana de Oro hiking staff medallion

Choice Two: This cool Montana de Oro Bobcat sticker


Elaine Linton said...

I choose the hiking madallion, its way cool! Especially, since it is going on my almost full of hiking medallions hiking staff, I got while hiking with you. One day you post a picture of my hiking staff!.

Parm said...

Sorry Elaine, but the Bobcat sticker is cooler. ;-) Then again, I look at these things and consider whether the park souvenir can be ready stuck on my Backpacker travel guitar or can be somehow applied to its gig bag. The sticker clearly can; that pin might "stick" but that probably wouldn't be so good for the guitar.

W. "Solomon" Biscuit said...

A 1-1 tie, eh? Rather than weigh in with my own $.02, I'll wait to see if somebody else comes along to tip the scales. (however unlikely that may be)

Elaine Linton said...

Think you have to do the hike b4 you vote, to appreciate the metal!