Sunday, March 13, 2016

Oroville Right [sic]

This week's feature: a video visit to the seat of Butte County . Unfortunately, TSG was unaware at the time that the "Mother Orange Tree" lives in Oroville. If we had known we surely would've paid the old gal a visit to snap a shot or two. Instead we spent our time wandering around downtown and checking out the amazing collection at the Bolt Antique Tool Museum.


Parm said...

That license plate guitar is pretty cool. Be even cooler if the plates were custom plates that were guitar oriented, like "Gibson," and "Fender" and like that.

That tool place . . . kinda cool, and just a little (at least) odd. You expect to see odd tools of course (like that "calf weaner" - wow) but there seemed to be an attitude in the place that was a bit edgy too. A few of the signs, for example, expressed moral outrage at mistreated tools.


I was mildly disappointed that there wasn't a display or section of interesting/weird patented tools that never made it into production. Lots of weirdness in that missed opportunity.

I was pretty sure that was MN doing the singing in the tuneage, but the tune itself was unfamiliar to me. I Shazamed it, and confirmed the voice. The arrangement for that song sure seemed to be out of Mike's wheelhouse and comfort zone. Interesting choice.

W. "Binford" Biscuit said...

The guy at the Bolt Tool Museum (who happened to be the son of Bud Bolt, the founder) told me that they have many more tools in storage than on display. He said there were plans to built an additional wing of the museum on the lot next door.

Speaking of Nez, did you see there's a new Monkees album due out this summer? Mike, Peter and Micky were all on board with Adam Schlesinger producing. They've picked some interesting songs including some contemporary tunes written by Noel Gallagher and Andy Partridge. Sadly Mike isn't going on the road with them for the 50th Anniversary Tour...makes me super glad I saw the three of them together back in 2012.

Hey Hey it's the Parm said...

I had not heard about an upcoming Monkees album. Coolomondo. Have any singles been released from it, or streamed, or whatever?

W. "Barrelful" Biscuit said...

AFAIK they haven't released any teaser song-bites[sic], but the title tune (Good Times) is a Harry Nilsson composition that can be heard as a demo track on youtube. They're also "flying in" a Davy Jones vocal on one of the tracks. From what I've read, the best current source of Monkee news is the "Zilch" podcast.