Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Nite Geese Redux

Large flock overflying State Route 45
South of Grimes CA


Honkin' Parm said...

Those are geese? Yikes. I've never seen anything close to a mass of flying geese like that. Looks like they gave up on any kind of a "V" for good reason. Must have been noisy, too.

W. "Wild ______ Chase" Biscuit said...

The goose head count for the refuges in the area in February is around 300,000. I don't have a good way of estimating how may were in this group, but they're probably just a small percentage of that. And noisy...? You got that right. It wasn't on this trip, but I've been overflown by a flock like this at low altitude and the honking and whooshing of wings is like nothing you've ever heard.