Saturday, February 27, 2016

Get Yer Ducks Plucked @ The Butte City Emporium

Glenn County, California 


Parm said...

I can see that being a service offered by a small town "emporium," but one that seemingly garnered more publicity than any other offering? Might explain why this place seems to no longer have regular business hours.

My relatives in MN had a rotating drum with flexible paddle-like things on it, and you would hold your (dead) duck (or, more likely, chicken) over it while it rotated and the feathers just flew; plucked that bird in no time and had it ready for cookin'. Needless to say this city boy was mildly distressed about the whole thing - who wants to see where their food comes from?

Willard "Ducks Deluxe" Biscuit said...

Situated as it is in the Delta right alongside the Sacramento River, Butte City is a prime locale for waterfowl hunters. So it's no surprise to see plucking services on offer. Like a lot of spots in the area, there isn't a heckuva lot else goin' on...thus the decrepitude. It's both fun and scary to come across places like this--photo opportunities abound, but one never knows when a junkyard dog(or dog owner) might come charging out of nowhere.