Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blasts From Blogposts Past

Last week TSG got caught in a fairly heavy thunderstorm en route to a trailhead in Sequoia National Park.  Being somewhat adverse to hiking in the pouring rain, we decided to head back down the road a bit and check out a couple of antique shops. We were amused and amazed to come across a couple of items that harkened back to some previous postings...

First off was this postcard:

...of the Levi's Puppet Rodeo! The postcard was in mint condition but rather overpriced at $20. Just as we were taking this picture, the proprietor walked up behind us to offer assistance.  We related the backstory of the Puppet Rodeo and how we came across the "real thing", but he didn't seem too interested.

Then we saw a couple of paintings by a local artist:

...looking a little closer we read the lettering on the side of the tow trucks: Pat's Mobil Service Three Rivers.  Aha! That "Pat" had to be "Pat O'Connell, Tow Truck Driver"!  Sure enough, the shop owner confirmed that the paintings were inspired by Pat's old tow trucks. According to the shopkeeper, Pat was still around, but his tow truck driving days were over.

We thanked the owner of the antique shop and ended up buying a 1947 California Missions Travel Brochure which may be featured in a future blog post.

A delightful postscript occurred the next morning as we were headed back up to Sequoia.  We came across Pat O'Connell, sporting a day-glow highway safety vest and picking up litter on the side of the road.  He looked up as we passed and offered a big smile and a hearty wave. What a joy to see him out and about, doing his part to beautify his little stretch of the road.  Happy trails to you, Pat!

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