Friday, December 18, 2015

Lucy & Lupe

Lucy: 134 years old, Margate, NJ
Lupe: 6 months old*, San Jose, CA
Lucy: Named for no-one in particular
Lupe: Named after the Guadalupe River 
Lucy: Gift shop inside**
Lupe: Like, totally tubular 

*inspired by 14,000 year old mammoth fossil found nearby
**closed the day of TSG's visit--a major bummer, fer sure


Parm said...

"Lucy and Lupe" sounds like the title of a Steve Earle song.

Mammoths are cool.

Specially Processed American Meat said...

This is a topic that is close to my heart... Take care! Exactly wheree are your contact details though?

Willard "Dumbo Drop" Biscuit said...

Dear Specially Processed American Meat: Glad you enjoy the topic. Feel free to contact us right here in the comments section. Thx, TSG.

Canned Spiced Ham said...

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W. "Babar" Biscuit said...

Dear Canned Spiced Ham: The pleasant understanding of Roadside Elephantini is certainly a goal worth pursing. Best of luck!

yawndave said...

Re: Lupe and Lucy as a Steve Earle song--I'm not familiar with his stuff, but looking at his discography I think such a song would surely fit into his oeuvre.

Parm said...

It's not everyday you see spam (of a sort) offered up by someone whose handle is, essentially, "spam." And then the Canned Spiced Ham guy (gal?) (sexless robot?) chimed in as well.

Anonymous W. "Spam Hunter" Biscuit said...

In the interest of transparency, I must confess that I provided those two comments with appropriately made-up nom de webs (noms de web?). When those bots post as "Anonymous", they're just not showing any imagination at all. I mean, come some originality, guys!