Friday, October 9, 2015


These may not be our best footie fotos, but they'll have to do for this week's post.


Parm said...

OK, the tail-gunnin' foot is the clear winner in the coolness category. And the Cup O' Urine feet win, hands down, in the ickyness category.

But, what's the story with the feet enjoying their time with the Airstreamish RV? Which appears to be camping in a suburban neighborhood somewhere?

W. "Best Footie Forward" Biscuit said...

That's not a cup of urine, but an applesauce snack cup--only slightly more appetizing considering it had sitting on the bench overnight.

The Airstream footie was taken outside of Dayton, Oregon at the Vintages Trailer Resort. That particular model is a 1957 Sovereign. If I was to stay there again I'd go for their 1951 M-System Special Deluxe.

Note on the tail-gunnin' shot--that's the rear end of a B-36 Peacemaker at the Castle Air Museum. I got sit in the pilot's seat of that monster on one of their open cockpit days...definitely one of the highlights of my airplane-museum-going career.

Elaine said...

My favorite is the foot on the plane! But I like that you are keeping up with the Halloween spirit. The ghost gets 2nd place!