Saturday, October 31, 2015



Elaine Linton said...

Good music! This is a long one...

yawndave said...

Re: the music--I originally hoped use stuff from the old Disney Halloween album "Chilling Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House" as the soundtrack. As with many of my video/soundtrack ideas, this proved to be much harder and more trouble than it was worth.

So I went down to the local pop-up Spirit Halloween Superstores and got a cheap-o "98 Haunted Sounds" CD. That didn't work out either so as a last resort I pulled out my old TV themes CDs. Even then I had problems, as somehow Windows Media Center misread the files--so instead of ripping "The Munsters" I ended up with "Green Acres" and instead of "Time Tunnel" I got "Popeye The Sailor Man".

It eventually all worked out but that 5-minute video ended up taking about 4.5 hours to put together and upload. Luckily the copyright police didn't bust me this time.

Franky (or is it Boris?) said...

I enjoyed the music too. As a mild aside, as each new tune started, I would say to myself "wait for it, wait for it," and sure enough, eventually the theme to The Adams Family kicked in.

Are you making the claim that everyone one of those images hails from the 2015 Halloween season? Or is this "merely" a compilation offered up for the 2015 Halloween observation? Either way, lots of scooby stuff.

The candy corn wreath-like thing was amusing; it's good to see that someone finally found a good use for those things.

I am a particular fan of skeletons, so, kudos for all the boney pix, TSG.

I was mildly surprised that there wasn't a single pic featuring a giant pumpkin that someone labored over for many months and many gallons of water? Is the drought in CA so severe that such doings are presently going undone?

Willard "Ben's Friend" Biscuit said...

Re: the photo selection--the pics in the slide show were all taken this year between Labor Day and October 31st. As you might suspect, I'm always on the lookout for stuff for my stock image archive, and the last couple of months have been good ones for spooky/scary/skeleton photo opportunities.

Sorry 'bout the lack of giant pumpkins. There is a more-or-less local event--the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival--that features some 1000lb-plus monsters. But the festival also features massive crowds and horrible traffic. I braved the bumper-to-bumper traffic and 40-minute search for parking years ago...never again!

"Can't top Willard reference" Parm said...

That Half Moon Bay happening sounds like a job for Bicycleman,