Saturday, October 17, 2015

End Of An Eatery Era


 In the time marches on its stomach department, the fast food hub at Meridian/Fruitdale has lost it's last legacy franchise. So long and thanks for all the fries!

Below: fake archival image shows original lineup of North Willow Glen's Restaurant Row:

 Dining options as of this writing: 1)Vacant  2)Empty  3)Mr Chau's/Wings Dip  4)Subway

Artistic(?) impressions of the abandoned luncheonette

In a rather depressing reminder of the evolving demographic of the neighborhood, the DW building became a major graffiti magnet just days after these photos were taken.


Parm said...

Grub. I recall DW fondly and miss it to this day. Sad to see this one (in particular) shutting down (though I had actually presumed that it had gone away many years ago; glad it hung in there as long as it did). Of course, not everything on their menu was to die for - their sauerkraut dog, for example, was nasty (though it was perversely entertaining to watch the rare aficionado stuff one of those things down in just a couple of bites).

Nice treatment of the topic, Mr. Blogger. The "fake" image was especially useful and appreciated.

Parm said...

I forgot to mention, the "pulls up (tube) steaks" tag was most inspired. So good, it feels complete without any need to respond with one or more like puns. Well done!

(Unless "well done," in context, is a pun . . .)