Friday, September 11, 2015

Things You Might See On West Cliff Drive



Parm said...


That bears repeating.


Those breaching whale pix are just great, but I have to admit that I was more enamored with the pic featuring the surfer with the cool line of gliding pelicans tooling along behind him. That is an awesome pic.

As for things more mundane, I've always wondered about the Poop Fairy; now I know. I'm not sure my world's better for the knowledge.

W. "Blow Hole" Biscuit said...

The amazing thing to me about the whales breaching/feeding is that they were cruising around in that same spot for at least 6 hours. We saw them in the morning around nine and they were still going strong at 3. (Side note--a couple of days later in Monterey there was a sign at the fisherman's wharf warning boaters to watch out for whales that had been seen chasing bait fish into the harbor)