Friday, September 4, 2015

Greetings From Daytona Beach

An acquisition from our trip to the Vintage Paper Fair in Golden Gate Park last month. According to our research, you can get yourself a copy of this 1948 packet on Amazon for $8.75.  But why shell out 9 bucks when you can enjoy it here?

TSG trivia: We observed our 48th birthday in Daytona Beach at the Quality Inn Ocean Palms On The Beach (now called Lexington Inn & Suites). Nice place.

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Parm said...

Hardly recognize the place!

That colorizing was pretty special, huh?

We had a favorite RV resort right on the Atlantic in Beverly Beach, and it used to crack me up that the official signs for the place used to say, "Just 40 miles from Daytona Beach!" I admit that their beach couldn't hold a candle to Daytona, but still, you'd think they'd keep that concession to themselves.