Friday, July 17, 2015

Mr. Bread Visits The Freebee Table

Featured offerings this week include a fine selection of baked goods [sell-by date 2 weeks ago]. Also, a bag of chopped lettuce labeled "July 1",

 But wait....there's more than just food for the body here, we have food for the mind as well! Take your pick between The Man Beneath The Gift: The Story of My Life, by DiOrio & Gropman or B.D. Smith's One Wild Night.


Doughy-Man Parm said...

Makes one wonder whether those items all came from a single source? The bread thing makes sense to me, notwithstanding the date. Presuming no mold, might still be passable fare. Heck, toast 'em up and slice and dice and you've got croutons. (That said, I do have standards. I had an uncle who found essentially any piece of bread acceptable if there was enough left after scrapping off the mold to put into a toaster. That is way beyond my boundaries.)

W. "Hardtack" Biscuit said...

My working theory is that it's just one person--probably a child of the depression who would never let food go to waste--even if it's coming from a food bank and it goes from the freebee table into the dumpster. I guess the bread is probably edible, but I really really (really) doubt any of the residents have any need for it. I don't think there's a single person who, when making up a shopping list, says to themselves, "I need bread...but let me go check the laundry room first!"

Considering the small size of the Hermitage Arms community, I find it very odd that nobody knows who the phantom food donator is. I have a sneaking suspicion that somebody DOES know, but for some reason they're keeping quiet.

Elaine Linton said...

I will have some food to send you to put on the table, when I get back from vacation!