Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Giant Patriotic Tivela Stultorum


"Happy as a clam" Parm said...

Are you shitting me???? That is an actual clam??????? Or just a replica, enlarged to show details and features? Very nice paint job, by the way. Happy 4th, TSG.

Willard "Chowderhead" Biscuit said...

That big bivalve just one of the three clam statues(?) in Pismo Beach. The one in the photo is right next to the Pismo Visitor's Center. The other two are strategically placed--one at the 101 on/offramp at the southern end of Price Street and the other one stands guard at the front entrance to the Pismo Coast Village RV Resort. The clams get seasonally-appropriate paint jobs several times a year.