Friday, June 19, 2015

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Apparently the people next door to TSG's workplace are planning a Wizard of Oz-themed event. No sign of ruby slippers or smashed witches.


Cowardly Parm said...

That's a puzzler. What the heck?

Maybe not the most puzzling, but is the one on the far left red being painted yellow, or yellow being painted red, or complete as is?

The Great and Powerful Biscuit said...

Update on the Yellow Spray Painted Brick Facade Panels: Those things (along with three other panels not pictured) are still sitting out there, propped up in the verge between the sidewalk and the shrubbery/ground cover behind the building. This particular office just recently acquired new tenants--a company called MapR--I suspect the handiwork (?) may have something to do with a teambuilding exercise or similar activity.