Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Everything's Jake

Next time you find yourself in Long Beach Washington, be sure to stop in at Marsh's Free Museum
 to pay a visit to the town's most famous resident!


Parm said...


According to Wikipedia, the Marsh's plopped down $750 back in the 60's to purchase Jake from an antiques store. WHY such a store would have such a thing is another question, right? Seems like they managed to wrangle some kind of return on that investment, though it looks like a lot of other people are cashing in on Jake's celebrity status. Wonder if they are receiving royalties for all that stuff?

Did you happen to notice any Jake pencils or pens during your visit? That might suddenly put Jakeville on my must-see list of places.

W. Jake Biscuit said...

Re: why Marsh's would have such a thing--when you go there to get your Jake Pencil (I'm pretty sure I saw some), you'll understand.

Parm said...

Thanks for the likely-confirmation of Jake pencils/pens!

My question wasn't why the Marsh's would have such a thing (that is pretty obvious, though there may be other disturbing reasons as well - "This is JUST the thing to give little Johnny for Christmas!! Imagine his delight on Christmas morning when he opens THIS package!!!") My question was directed at wondering why an antiques store would harbor such a thing. Would they have a whole section devoted to freakshow creepies, then?

W. "Mystery Unexplainer" Biscuit said...

Oh, gotcha--why/how would an antique shoppe have an Alligator Man in stock? Well, from my limited experience with such establishments, I can say they have some pretty weird stuff for sale in the dusty back corners. Maybe the antique dealer got Jake in a storage unit auction or by purchasing an entire estate or taking over inventory of another shop that was closing down.

One article I found said that that Marsh didn't know or care about Jake's provenance..."People like the mystery. Why ruin the thoughts?”

I kind of agree. The truth may be out there, but why spoil the fun?

Parm said...

Very good, TSG. You may have tumbled upon the basis for a new X-Files -