Friday, May 1, 2015

Not On The Itinerary

View from  King's Beach, September 2014 

Lake Tahoe is a magnificent location full of natural beauty but TSG has yet to to "get" the place.  With four overnights and a couple of drive-thrus under our belt, we just haven't bonded with the jewel of The Sierra Nevada. Maybe someday we'll get back there and catch the magic, but this time out we're gonna hafta pass her by.  Blue Highways here we come!

Sunset ping-pongers, Ferrari's Crown Resort


Parm said...

I have spent more time at Tahoe than you, I believe, but recall less of it than perhaps you do. I was just a young boy, and probably could care less about where, exactly, I might be at any given moment on family outings.

I am mildly curious, though, as to why you didn't plan to spend more time there this time out?

yawndave said...

The thing I don't like about Tahoe is traffic and road construction. Every time I've been there I've gotten stuck in some kind of construction-related backup. And if I was lucky enough to miss construction, I'd end up having to negotiate bumper to bumper traffic through an endless series of lights driving through the South Shore area. Ugh!