Friday, April 3, 2015


Not sure if this tune has appeared on a TSG video previously,
 but it's never a bad time to hear something from the Tao of Steve soundtrack.
 Pity that Picasa can't get the stuttering audio bug fixed, but whaddayagonnado?


Parm said...

A pleasant mind trip for a nice Sunday, Easter AM; thanks for that.

The octopus mosaic (I think "mosaic") was quite amusing; couldn't tell if it had a garden or not, though.

And the shot composed to include the (clueless) bike rider passing in front of the gaping maw of the comin'-at-ya shark made my short list of favorite shots collected herein.

W. "Sharknado" Biscuit said...

There was another bike rider right behind the guy in the picture who had a toddler in one of those "bike rack baby seat"-type things. Unfortunately I was unable to get an angle to snap a pic of the kid being attacked by the mural...but I was oh-so close: Ice cream eating baby menaced by shark

Angler Parm said...

Ah yes. Typical fish story - "the one that got away!"