Friday, March 20, 2015

Davy's Crockett Part One

Scooby sights at the very cool, wonderfully old-school Crockett Historical Museum

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Parm said...

The museum equivalent of the Rolling Stone - to paraphrase, "All the stuff that fits."

Seeing that collection (a MOUNTED collection, no less) of sugar packets brought back memories. I was always more interested in packs of matches that every establishment used to have back when everyone and his grandmother smoked. But sugar packets were cool too. Don't know why but I especially liked the one for the railroad dining car.

The dating of old objects is often, at best, a subjective task. I kind of appreciate the frank honesty of the sign reading "Who knows when?"

"Cho cho?" They didn't have enough room for a sign that could read "Choo choo?" Or am I the guy who's always spelled that wrong?

That bridge picture is cool, if nothing else as an exercise in creating a long picture.

The venom drops on the fangs of the posed rattlesnake are . . . kind of out there? Would any rattlesnake in real life be exuding venom before striking?

My favorite exhibit? That picture of that honkin' big wasp's nest!!! Hokey Smokes!