Friday, March 6, 2015

A Postcard To Heppner Lane

(or: vintage paper finds from our local antique shoppes)
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Parm said...

In the Badlands set I really liked the (now) vintage RV's in the campground. But the one that referred to some formations there as "freaks of nature?" OK . . . kind of a slow day for copy, I guess.

Looking at those homes of the stars, things sure have changed, huh? You could imagine kids walking up and trick or treating at those houses. Nowadays, not so much.

I LOVED that picture of the rock 'em sock 'em robots!!! Ha!!!

Some guy who used to live near Heppner Lane said...

Funny thing--I saw (and bypassed)that postcard with the Heppner Lane address while in search of packets for a semi-annual online postcard exchange. I decided a couple of days later to go back and get it specifically for this post. I knew exactly where the postcard was (I had put it in the front of the display box) so I figured it would be a quick job to go back to the store and pick it up. No such luck as the boxes had been re-arranged--fortunately one of the women working in the shoppe was able to point me in the right direction. When I told her about searching for old postcard packets, she said "Oh, I think I might have a couple in this drawer..." and that's where the Badlands packet came from.

Re: the Robot postcard--it isn't vintage but it does fit in nicely. Its from the Bailey Art Gallery/Museum which will likely be featured in an upcoming post.

Pining-for-Hurst Parm said...

I didn't comments on the Heppner address; my bad.

On the other hand, and even now with some reflection time, what can one say? It's a small world.

Now, if it had been addressed to a Sheehan or like that . . . .

Now that I think about it, Heppner Lane was a rather long street (sorry, "Lane"), wasn't it?

Midvale Lane Alum said...

Badlands trivia: I camped in the campground there on my way home from our RV trip in 2005. It was a beautiful clear night and the sky was ablaze with stars. I had the campground almost to myself, so I put on some Pink Floyd, poured myself an adult beverage (or two...), sat back in my lawn chair and savored the view. A most memorable night.

The one other time I was there, a torrential downpour forced us to abandon our camping plans and we got a room at the Badlands Inn down the road from the visitor's center. When the rain abated we went out and got to see some pretty amazing (smallish) flash floods. Unfortunately hiking the next day was next to impossible due the extremely muddy conditions.

Elaine Linton said...

I remember when we went to the Badlands & the Pinerodge NDN REZ

Parm said...

Is that visitor's center at the Walldrug end of the Badlands, or the opposite end?

That RV to which you briefly refer drove through the Badlands last August. No camping there, but a number of stops to check out this and that, and mostly to snap some shots of some way-fat prairie dogs.

yawndave said...

I didn't realize there were two visitor centers--the one I had in mind is on the eastern side of the park, so I guess "not" the Wall Drug end.

And yes I recall driving down to the hamlet of Interior on the Pine Ridge Rez -- we stopped in at a convenience store or something there. Remember Sue Ann Big Crow?

On that same trip we stopped at Wall Drug--somewhere I have a pic of you riding a giant jackalope!

Parm said...

I wasn't saying that there were two visitor centers. Rather, I was literally and only asking where it was, as I didn't know.

I'd elaborate further, only I'm pretty sure I can't compete with Sue Ann Big Crow.