Friday, February 20, 2015

They're Alright Tonight

Lunar/planetary conjunction as seen from TSG's doorstep


Parm said...

Wow. That is a completely excellent image. Long exposure time?

Very, very cool.

Willard "Love and War" Biscuit said...

If you have a clear view of the southwestern sky after sunset tonight, the planets will be even closer together.

Funny thing, I wouldn't have seen this if that tree hadn't fallen over a couple of months ago. I just happened to look out the window last night and, wow--there was my blogpost right there. I was really surprised how red Mars appeared to the unaided eye.

Exposure time wasn't really that long(1/4sec) because I was using the auto/"no flash mode" which boosted the ASA to 3200.

Star Parm said...

We spotted them last night. Can't see them from our home cuz of a hill, but when driving into town, there they were. Sans the moon, however, which had risen higher in the sky.

A red Mars fer sure!