Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day From A Skeleton Dog

Bonus pic: what's on tap at the Freebee Table this week:
Wilted celery,smartphone accessories(?) and some Scotch Guard


St. Parm said...

Yep, a fairly disturbing Valentine image. Was that dog (?) part of some pirate display somewhere? The big, nautical rope got me wondering.

As for the Freebie Table, perhaps you are misreading the situation? Perhaps McGyver dropped by and stocked up some supplies in case he had to fashion a satellite radio or a weapon with which to overcome an armed assailant?

yawndave said...

The skeleton dog and his skeleton owner (cropped out of the photo) weren't really pirate-themed, but I'm sure they are dressed up that way from time to time. I got the sense that they get decked out to match the season or current holiday.

Re: your freebee table MacGyver suggestion--considering the items in question, I think it's more likely that MacGruber would be involved.

Parm Face said...

"MacGruber" sounds like a worthy character for Engleknot Face to encounter some day.