Friday, November 14, 2014

Apologies To Our Readers

It has come to TSG's attention that several recent comments have vanished into the ether(net), so to speak. Bad form, that. We blame it on google.

It has always been our policy to publish all comments from our loyal followers. If your comment is among the missing, we're really sorry.

As a small token of appreciation to all of our readers, this week we're offering a free Hi-resolution 24bit/96kHz download of one of these fine albums:

**Both have recently upgraded for a "deluxe" re-issue package with bonus tracks.**

 Interested parties should post a (hopefully non-disappearing) comment 
and we'll send you the download code. 
(Disclaimer:only one download of each album available. One to a customer, first come, first serve)

While we're on the topic, here are some shots you may not have seen before. From the boxed-set Venus and Mars booklet, pics of PM+W in The Alabama Hills and salt flats outside of Lone Pine:

Bonus image: here's a street view snapshot of the NOLA hotel that has hosted both TSG and JPM. We stayed in room 104 in 2002...back in 1975 Macca and Linda probably stayed in the the now aptly-named Paul McCartney Suite.
Le Richelieu-New Orleans