Thursday, January 9, 2014

Re: The Guitar Player In The New Corolla Comercial

Like many adult male-type folks, TSG spent a lot of time in front of the tube watching the NFL playoffs this past weekend.  Usually we aren't paying that much attention, especially during the commercial breaks.

As it happens we did pay enough attention to one particular commercial to notice something kinda strange. The opening scene of Toyota's "Style Never Goes Out Of Style" commercial featured a guitarist that looked awfully familiar. In fact, he looks like he would fit right in at a Who gig at the Railway Hotel circa 1964 (insert photo provided for comparison).

Interestingly enough, several posters on the PT fan forum saw the commercial and agreed that the similarity was quite striking. TSG wonders if the Big BB's guitarist ever had a striped shirt like that...because, with the right pair of sunglasses, we would be talking some serious doppelganger(pardon our French) shit.