Saturday, December 13, 2014


Tonight we present another batch of pics from The Antipodes. Soundtrack tune GBMAD* produced by M. Nesmith featuring James Burton and Glen Campbell on guitar and Billy Preston on organ.

* Gonna Buy Me A Dingo

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Parmita said...

Ha, quite the collection! A Flea Market of images, concepts, and implied obsessions. Quite liked the sub-grouping of fungus, by the way. And the ever-amazing Zorita (or whatever her name was), too. So, really? She picked that name for herself as a stage persona? Right-O.

And, major kudos for the "Gonna Buy Me a Dingo" grinner; extremely top notch, that.

And, that was quite the little amazing band, huh? Glen Campbell was such a cool guy. He released an album a few years ago, when he embarked upon his final slow journey into the center of his mind, called, I think, Ghost On The Canvas, and it is a wonderful album.