Friday, September 26, 2014

This Slideshow Was Supposed To Have A Music Track By 10CC

Sorry readers, due to our uploading the wrong video file, you'll have to imagine that you're hearing "Art For Art's Sake" while watching this tour of "Anne & Mark's Art Party"


Parm said...

Wow. It's great you led off early on with the Nautilove; very Verne and steampunk; I totally loved that thing! And, my interest level was spiked and I quite enjoyed the rest of my virtual tour. Lots of eye candy and mental gymnastics. The folks in their sunglasses and beach chairs enjoying the atomic blast show earned a worthy chuckle, too. Tres cool; thanks for sharing!

Willard "Unofficial Art Show Documentarian" Biscuit said...

The main reason for going to "Anne & Mark's Art Party" was to see the Nautilus. When I asked if it was okay to take pictures, Anne and Mark not only said it was okay, they asked me to share any "good ones". I posted a sampling on Picasa and emailed them a link to the album.

After seeing those pictures Anne said she loved the images and invited me back for the final night of the show to take some more. The soundtrack-less video is a compilation of pics from both visits.

Parm said...

Sometimes your "the rest of the story" stories are better than your story.