Saturday, September 6, 2014

Barefootin' Tenaya

Tenaya Lake, that is. According to wikipedia,
The surface of Tenaya Lake has an elevation of 8,150 feet (2,484 m). The lake basin was formed by glacial action, which left a backdrop of light granite rocks, whose beauty was known to the Native Americans. Today, Tenaya Lake is easily accessible by State Route 120 and is a popular lake for water activities.


Parm said...

Having that snow line go right down to the water line would suggest that your piggies were rather cold while striding through those shallows.

The Wading Grasshopper said...

Oh, if only those polished granite domes and peaks WERE covered with snow. No chance of that in September in California this year.

The water in the shallows was not cold at all. It was probably even swimmable, but I had places to go and things to see, so I settled for a quick shoreline stroll.

Parm said...

Natural Photoshopping. Impressive, right?