Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tonite: TSG's Thursday TeeVee Treats

A couple of images from this week's Portlandia Season 4 viewing marathon. Regulars here at TSG may be slightly amused by them. Others, not so much.

Punslinger Carrie Brownstein

Fred, Kyle, Unknown Actress and Mike


(Dare I say it?) Parm said...

Wow. That's pretty odd. Without context, it's all the way to nonsense, in fact.

I'd not heard of Portlandia. Wikipedia'ed it. Seems like an amusing offering. And, hey, who knew there'd be this kind of life post Sleater-Kinney?

Biscuit , W said...

Odd? Out of context? Nonsense? Truly words to live by here at TSG.

Seeing Carrie brandish that "Out of Parm's Way" sign was an instant inspiration for some kind of post, and Mr. Nesmith's appearance in the next episode sealed the deal. (Nez's best line: "Well, yeah, I love owning Portland...before I starting buying up Portland for Mr. Mayor, I was looking at Fresno.")