Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oregon Alba

A photo-pun only a Puddlenut would appreciate.
This picture was taken just down the street from our hotel in Medford, OR. 

Note to the non-Pioneer HS Alumni out there--
there's about 0% chance that this post will make any sense whatsoever.
 In fact, even former Mustangs may find it baffling.
 If the BB website was still around we could link to an appropriate image. 
But unfortunately that ship has sailed/sunk.


Organ-Mrap said...

For those who get it, it's pretty amusing.

This link (copy and paste; sorry, this site does not permit embedding a link any more conveniently)

might not help anyone really understand the image any better, but then again, perhaps it might.

Elaine Linton said...

yeah, I don't get it

yawndave said...

Our high school garage band made an "album" called Organ Abla--the word "Abla" being a misspelling of "Alba", which was the name of our drummer's father. So, when I was in Oregon and saw this street named Alba, it brought back memories of making a bunch of noise in a garage in Willow Glen one afternoon long ago.

You kinda had to be there :-)