Friday, August 15, 2014

Last Night @ The Stick

Update w/bonus content: While TSG was wandering around before the show, we came across this (for lack of a better term), "plushie shrine" on a frontage road that overlooked the park. Were they offerings to the memory of Candlestick? We don't know.


Parm said...

Nicely done. I am bummed that the two times I've seen Macca the rules of the house prohibited any photography. Grubbers. I guess that the ubiquity of phone cameras these days just put the squash on any such rules; how can you enforce no-camera rules anymore?

So were you snapping these pix a la cell phone, or were you carrying something more potent?

W. "Mocker" Biscuit said...

I'm not sure what the camera rules were at Candlestick. I brought my Canon S100 along, held it out when I went past security, and nobody blinked. Most venues I've been to recently are okay with compact point-and-shoots, but draw the line at anything larger.

Great show, by the way--the performance, sound and video presentation was all top notch. From reading reviews from this tour I get the idea that Macca and Co. have the business of big stadium gigs down pat. I'll get a chance to compare when I go down to San Diego to take in the show with Elaine and Ed.

I have to say that there's just no substitute for being up close at a rock 'n' roll concert. I had a "good" seat, but I still ended up watching the projection screen most of the time. There were seats available in the first 20 rows or so but I just couldn't convince myself to spend $500-plus for the privilege.

Parm said...

Just the plushies? No notes, candles, plaques, photos, or anything else? Not sure that's a shrine.

Bizarre crime scene, maybe?

yawndave said...

I didn't see anything other than the stuffed animals scattered amongst the branches of the trees, plus a few on the ground. So instead of "shrine", maybe "plushie grove" would be a better description? Kind of like a shoe tree, but those are usually out in the middle of nowhere.