Friday, August 22, 2014

Just Down The Road From The Natural Bridge Of VA, 2004


Parm said...


I suppose the second main thought that comes to mind is . . . why?

I think this gives me inspiration for a when-I'm-retired hobby, however - creating a 3D sculpture-area populated with my various cartoon characters from years past!

On the other hand, Foamhenge I totally get. Yep.

W. "Yknot" Biscuit said...

Why, you ask?

Why not?

I checked out the Enchanted Castle Studios website, and there is a page for Foamhenge. However, it doesn't delve into the artist's inspiration/vision/message. (There are pamphlets visible in that one picture--that's something I would've grabbed for the archives, but I have no idea which box it would be in)

I suppose you could ask Mark Cline himself--there's a contact link on the website.

Parm said...

Nope, I ain't gonna reach out to him!

Most likely, I'D end up in one of his gnarly exhibits!