Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday's Flicker Was Found In Flagstaff

TSG's Bird O' The Week:
A Northern Flicker hanging out in a Ponderosa Pine


Tweeting Parm said...

I wasn't sure how you were going to follow up on those tres cool post cards from Cuba; well-composed bird shots was a good way to go.

And how do you happen to know that this bird is a flicker? Did you already know this, or do you have a resource you consult to ID the birds you spot? I, personally, have a number of pictures of birds from here and there and I haven't the foggiest idea in many cases as to their breed or whatever.

Willard "Wings" Biscuit said...

I'm familiar with the Flicker as a species, mostly through osmosis from museums/wildlife exhibits and flipping through bird books over the years. However I must confess to doing an image search to make sure I got the ID right before posting.