Friday, August 8, 2014

35 Years Ago At The Pool Next Door

photo: Ed Carter
diver: Ed Carter
photo: Ed Carter


Parm said...

Curious - was that sky-net view of the pool from back in the day, and if so, how did you snap it? Or is there some archived photo somewhere that you found and employed to your own purposes?

Nice form(s), Ed. I especially like the first shot. Photoshop out that pool, add a cape, and it's up, up, and away!

Willard "Forward half summersault wth a twist from the pike position" Biscuit said...

The aerial photo of the Hermitage Arms/Denisse* apartments is from Bing maps--I just used the Windows "snipping tool" to grab a jpeg and then added text using picasa. (I used the Bing map view because of how horrible our pool looks in the Google satellite image.)

*They were the "Envoy Apartments" when I lived there from '78-'89.

Elaine Linton said...

Fun pic's, my favorite is you upside down,

yawndave said...

The "upside down" dive might look cool, but it ended up as a painful belly flop.