Friday, July 18, 2014

Not An A-Hole

So, the other day TSG was taking out the trash and noticed what appeared to be drill holes (and a corresponding pile of  sawdust) in the crook of one of "our" trees:

Upon closer inspection, the sawdust was, yes, really sawdust, and there was yet another hole in a slightly less conspicuous spot. We wondered who the heck would be drilling random holes in the landscaping when suddenly a large black carpenter bee buzzed out at us. Ah! Mystery solved!

The bee buzzed around a bit and then went to work on the hole, chewing the wood and pushing out sawdust behind. We rushed upstairs to grab a camera, came back and were all ready to shoot a video of the insect, but were foiled by a dead battery.  By the time we ran back upstairs and returned, all we could get was a marginal shot of the bee peeking out of it's little bee hole. 


Beeman Parm said...

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if . . . .

Ya gotta figure that there's either a LOT of bees doing all that, or a few bees that are really, really busy with the chewing thing.

Sorry you didn't score the video, but frankly that closeup shot of the bee peeking out of the hole is freakin' awesome!

Beeman Parm said...

Nancy's review, upon reaching the Honey Shot: