Friday, June 13, 2014

Camping With The Who

Backpacking kitchen area
Paria Canyon, UT
circa 1991


Parm said...

Looks like the main fare was rocks.

Backpacking? You took a Who flag backpacking? Is this why you didn't have enough room for food, too?

W. ""Take a hike" Biscuit said...

Flag/bandanna/ it what you will, it's a time-honored, multipurpose super-lightweight item that no 'packer should be without. (It was a souvenir of the '82 Tour)

Re: our food supply--I think most of our larder was stashed in a mouse-proof location nearby. Those little buggers got into everything! You can see a can of mixed veggies there--if memory serves, it was combined with canned chicken or maybe tuna. Not the most appetizing dish, but I wasn't in charge of meals on that particular trip. And I think that flask contained some kind of gawd-awful rootbeer schnapps.

Parm said...

Glad you weren't eating those rocks. Though it sounds like, perhaps in hindsight, you wished you had?

Now, a Who bandana I can totally get behind! A do-rag is my chapeau of choice, often, during the summer months, especially while out on a boat. So long as I remember to apply some sunscreen to my ears, that is.

Friday Night Commenter said...

You know, there is a weird connection between this post wnd the one from 5/31. When we were in Paria Canyon we came across the carcass of a bull elk that had apparently fallen into the canyon from a cliff edge 400 feet above. It was a little more "fresh", which wasn't a pleasant olfactory sensation. I'm sure I have a photo of it in a shoe box somewhere... maybe if I get motivated I'll dig it out for "Anne Elk II: The Legend Continues". Or something like that