Thursday, May 15, 2014

Strange Adventures Magazine July 1960

Seen at the International Rattlesnake Museum
Old Town ABQ


"Strange Adventures" Steve said...


I have to say, I don't exactly remember that particular issue. Or anything even remotely similar to it!

Was this perhaps someone's incredibly lame response to the Mars Attacks! series of trading cards?


With all those guys and guns and such lurking inside the shell, no wonder the turtle itself looks like he might be trying to crawl out of there through his neck hole.


w. "tooter" biscuit said...

One thing I never expected to see at the International Rattlesnake Museum: a cool SciFi image of Giant Trojan Terrapin! (or something like that)

I spoke briefly to the owner, and he asked me if I had any weird Roadside Attractions I could recommend. The first one that came to mind was that Alien Observatory place out past the Alligator Farm north of Monte Vista.