Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pismo Peregrines

TSG is used the the night herons squawking in the trees next to our favorite Pismo Beach Hotel, but this time we got a little bonus. Turns out there are a pair of the world's fastest falcons and their fledglings hanging out just down the street in some ragged pine trees.  It seems to be an odd location for Peregrines , but they appear to be doing well.  (search for "Pismo Peregrines" and you can see some really nice images of the family)


Parm said...

These are GREAT! I'm a sucker for a good bird picture anyway, but even putting that aside these are awesome!! Well done.

I kept scrolling up and down, trying to decide which was my favorite shot. It's a close call (and likely to change again and again) but at the moment I think the shot of both birds in flight together is the cat's meow. Wonderful.

There are Peregrines hanging out, diving down and around, in the concrete canyons of Chicago. Cool birds.

W. "Birdbrain" Biscuit said...

As noted in the post, the hotel I stay at features(?) a healthy population of night herons. It's practically a rookery, to the point where you have to be careful not to park under certain trees. I've got some great shots of them in previous visits.

When I heard the falcons squawking at me, at first I thought it was another bunch of herons, but a closer look revealed the Peregrine family. They displayed some pretty amazing aerobatic maneuvers out over the bluffs just in the few minutes I stood there.

The morning I left, I noticed a guy out there with a huge lens attached to his camera. I suspect it may have been the person responsible for the excellent Pismo Peregrine images I've seen on Flicker.