Saturday, May 31, 2014

End Of The Trail For Famed Monty Python Bronto Theorist

Dateline El Malpais National Monument: Blogger discovers remains of Anne Elk.

On a not-so-dark desert highway (NM117),cool wind in our hair,we pulled off at a roadside picnic area for a comfort stop.

 As is our wont, we took the opportunity to ramble around a bit along in the "Narrows",where the El Malpais lava flow comes up against a series of sandstone escarpments.

Poking around the edge of the lava bed, we saw what looked like a scapula...

Hmmm,we wondered, maybe there are some more bones around...think of the possible photo-ops! Imagine our surprise when we saw this!

Curious as to what might have caused the demise of this particular specimen (hunter? mountain lion?), we stopped in at the nearby visitor center. According to the nice woman at the info desk, the animal had probably fallen into the crevice sometime during the winter and broken a leg.


Parm said...

Nice photojournalism.

Sad story, though.

I think I like my bones old, old, old. From another time, another place. Give me lots of emotional distance.

Mother Nature is a bitch, of course.

Willie "Cleese" Biscuit said...

Sad in a way, I agree. One thing's for sure-that elk provided a lot of sustenance to a whole range of scavengers in that little micro-climate.

I many elk in that area die of old age? "Not many" would be my guess.