Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cowboy And Indian, Santa Maria CA


Parm said...

There must be 50 ways to filter your cowboy and Indian.

Good subject for a photo study.

That cowboy is weird. Sad, maybe? Why the heck was it even made??? It looks like a Christmas decoration made by some poor guy in a Vietnamese factory who has the materials but no knowledge of the holiday themes themselves.

The filter study is cool. Looks very much like an album cover (all four together) for some early 70's band that offered up a kind of pseudo country vibe along with their psychedelic pop.

W. "Wild West" Biscuit said...

Santa Maria has cowboy iconography hung up on light poles in advance of the annual Elks Parade and Rodeo. One can only hope that the old Valley Motel sign finds a sponsor/museum/collector before going off to the scrapheap.