Sunday, May 4, 2014

BBBB* On The Strip

*Battle of the British Band Billboards


Fab Parm said...

I've always quite fancied that particular photo of the Beatles. I have a 6 foot long poster version of it on the wall in Toadstool.

-wb- said...

I've seen that poster at your place, and I have a smaller version myself. I've even stayed at the Mirage, about 4 floors beneath that sign. Sadly I didn't have time this trip to catch The Who light/soundshow at the Fremont Street Experience. I can only handle so much Vegas at one time.

-p- said...

For my BD last year Nancy took me to Vegas, to the Mirage, to LOVE. I very much enjoyed the show, but man, not a place for anyone who suffers with coulrophobia. An accountant at work is such a person, and she stifled that phobia out of her undying love for the Fab ones, but she said she had to very much grit her teeth from time to time when certain characters ventured too close.