Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another Day, Another Airplane Diner

At the unimaginatively-named "The Airplane Restaurant" at the Colorado  Springs Airport. 
(Formerly "Solos")
Try the "Piper Club" sammy!


Parm said...

Ha. Great shots. If ever there were a restaurant aimed at TSG.

But, the Colorado Springs airport? Surely this is not from the current road trip? But, well, yes it is. And so, that raises a rather obvious question . . . ?

W. "Wandering" Biscuit said...

As you may have surmised by now, yes, Colo Sprgs was a featured stop on the 2014 roadtrip. Hung out with Fudd for a day, got a round of disc golf in and stuffed ourselves with sushi, and watched War of The Gargantuas on the big screen in the basement. Good visit, although a bit short because of weather conditions.

Parm said...

Good old Gargantuas! Were the monsters still potty mouths? Best scene ever is spitting out the partially chewed victim - SPLAT!

Speaking of spitting out partially chewed victims, glad you enjoyed the sushi. Better you than me.

Glad you could spend some quality time with the Fuddster!