Friday, April 4, 2014

Pics From A Random Box Out Of The Closet

A road trip down memory lane to a Southwestern Road Trip in the early 90s.


Parm said...

The last picture in the lower right-hand corner could/should be the cover of the story of your life, "What's Around That Next Corner?"

w. "fair-weather 4-wheeler" biscuit said...

w. "fair-weather 4-wheeler" biscuit
Ha! Interesting that you should pick that image, as it was taken right before I turned around and headed back in the other direction. I was inching my way down the (in)famous Shafer Trail in Canyonlands and that was about the point where some nasty-looking clouds appeared on the horizon. As you can probably tell from the photo, that's NOT a road you want to be on if it starts raining.

On-The- said...

No doubt. We were stuck taking Mac on a dirt/gravel (mostly dirt with token gravel) road in Colorado once for about 3 miles (thanks to a clueless Garmin navigator), in a huge rain storm that played hob with the "road," and when all was said and done the rattling and clattering caused numerous separations in the roofing caulking that necessitated some serious repair work (being averse to getting wet from rain when sitting inside the motorhome).