Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rainy Day Scans

Varying image size and DPI values due to an epic battle between TSG and finicky hard/software.


Anonymous said...
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Biscuit Boy said...

Postcards yes, and the rest I suppose could be classified as general road trip ephemera. I pulled out a couple of containers from of the archives and picked out the first 70 or so that caught my eye. Then I fought with the scanner hardware (bad USB cable) and software (Picasa/P-Shop Elements conflict)for an hour or two. Despite the technical hiccups it was a fun project to putter away at on a rainy Saturday.

Deleted by accident Parm said...

So, some are clearly post cards, but many are not, right? The two-headed calf theme was an interesting constant. Gotta say that the one that made me grin (and who knows why) was the Gumby with the swimming mask. If you're open to suggestions for future image collections, how about views of various penny offerings at campground picnic tables? Or views of TSG feet in various shots?