Friday, March 28, 2014

Did TSG Invent The Footie Selfie?

Probably not, but when it comes to (non-fetish) foot portraiture, TSG must surely be among the interwebs most ardent practitioners.
 And how can we get more high-end than this?

*no need to adjust your monitor, as this image is 
displayed in the contextually appropriate orentation

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Parm said...

It's funny they didn't feature that cover on 90210, right?

I am shocked! "Shocked," I say! There are weeds growing in the cracks around that cover!!!

Or perhaps those are medicinal herbs? THAT I'd understand.

If you could ever combo-up a foot-selfie with an X jump, I think then that you could fairly claim to be the first at X-jumping foot selfies. Might be hard on your social life, however.