Saturday, February 8, 2014

STBO 2222...Less Than Mint Condition

Purchased circa 1968 from the Moffett Field Post Exchange for something like two dollars and twenty-five cents (tax free).

Please excuse the less than mint image quality.


"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" Parm said...

A fine graphic record (Ha!) and tribute to that album. I remember listening to it! I also think I read somewhere that an mp3 version of that double-album will be available when purchasing the complete set of US (bastardized) versions of the Beatles albums when that releases soon (today, maybe?).

$2.50 was a good price, even back then!

yawndave said...

So, do you remember calling in to the KLIV request line over and over again to request Hey Jude? I don't know how trustworthy my memory is, but I swear that one of the DJs acknowledged a call from "Some guy named Ernie who lives in a tree."

Hey Parm said...

Huh. I do not recall pestering the DJ's to play Jude, though that seems like a perfectly reasonable activity. And I do recall in general calling radio stations from time to time to play this or that. I DO recall getting that 45 and being up in my room and playing it over and over and over again one afternoon while also playing a card game (poker?) with 2 or 3 or 4 other people. I was quite besotted with that tune.

BBC Parm said...

I have listened, intently and in headphones, to the first Bootleg CD-R that graced my mailbox recently. Quite enjoyable. The chatter was very cool - I always love that stuff. But the tunes were better than I expected in terms of their enjoyment factor. Some songs were very intriguing for having been stripped of an acoustic embellishment or two (for example, a missing harmonic part). The vocal harmonies on all the songs were spot on - so cool! And the engineering/production was unique, too, and I am referring especially to the nearly-constant and interesting use of reverb on the vocal part. Vocals on one side of the stereo image, and 'verb on the other. It's even got me wondering when and how that affectation arose - I mean, the broadcasts themselves were in mono, right?

I look forward very much to digging into the 2nd Bootleg CD-R!!!