Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday

To counter the general verbosity of last week's post,
 tonight we offer up just a couple of pics for your consideration.


Nowhere Parm said...

Gotta love that paint job, right? I admit I sometimes daydream of going after Mac with something - paintbrush? cans of spray paint? a good air brush? - and painting, say, a sea of green that features, oh, I don't know, a yellow submarine maybe? Good retirement hobby?

Re CD's - copy that!

W. "Buttermilk" Biscuit said...

I wondered about the logo on the RV--what kind of "booty" does it refer to?

If I may be so bold as to put in a request for any future CD burning efforts--do you still have Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends? How about the immortal bargain bin classic (I think it was called) "The Year 2000"?

"Yeah!" Parm said...

Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends doesn't ring even the vaguest of bells; sorry. As for The Year 2000, I left that in capable hands at the FIJI house in Terre Haute upon my graduation, where it was hugely appreciated (even revered) for it's mystical ability to clear a dance floor within less than 2 minutes regardless of how inebriated the dancing parties were, or weren't. That, and the Engleknot Face guitar. Lapse in thinking there, of course. I really wish I had hung on to both items. It would be good to, once in awhile, check in with "the little guy next to me with a lot of soul" while waving that light-but-awful guitar around.