Friday, January 17, 2014

Sportsman's Paradise?

Our verdict: yeah, pretty much.

(A quick run through  the Bass Pro Shop in Manteca CA)


Grizzly Parm said...

Harsh ending! Just when I was well settled and enjoying the show!

We have a Bass Pro Shop and a Cabellas. Dueling paradises, if you will. The Bass Pro Shop here was originally opened and managed by one of our friends and that gave us an occasional interesting behind-the-scenes view of that operation.

Did you have anything to eat at the store restaurant? And didn't you make at least one interesting, scooby purchase???

The Sporting Biscuit said...

I'm not sure if you saw the "original" post, which had the embedded youtube video, but I was tired and disinclined to do the push-ups required to properly synch and fade out the music. The new "improved" blogpost features a slideshow without music and a few extra pics.
I went in looking for a wide-brimmed mesh-crowned hiking hat and found one to my liking within 2 minutes of walking through the giant sequoia.(Only 20 bucks!)

No meal though, not even a Moon Pie. I only had time for a quick run through because I was trying to avoid the Friday afternoon commute heading east out of Sacto.

Grizzled Parm said...

Yes, I originally saw the YouTube video with the soundtrack.

Sounds like an excellent hat. Draw string chin strap? I'm guessing "no."