Friday, October 25, 2013

Where Have I Heard That Before?

Random folks groovin' to Queenie Eye

Like most Macca-ites, TSG has had "NEW" in heavy rotation the last week or so. One particular, seemingly-throwaway line in the song Queenie Eye reminded us of something, but we couldn't quite put a finger on it.  It goes, "O-U-T spells out...that's out!"

And it's been bugging us all week, until, for some reason, the answer popped into our head while watching Paul and friends bopping around at Abbey Road.  It came to us in a flash...hey, that's a line from "Christmas Time Is Here Again"! Apparently its a sing-songy phrase from an English children's game.

Having solved our little ear worm mystery, TSG is glad that we can go on to other more important things, like figuring out how to use certain Halloween props in our next blog post.